Learn How to Use Water as Fuel on Your Car

It is not essential that if anyone possesses advanced technology then it will bring only prosperity. In addition to prosperity it can also bring some of the drawbacks. Technology shows how to utilize the resources available but when utilization of the resources reach to a stage when all the non conventional sources of energy reaches to the verge of disappearance then it will raise several questions.

The uncontrollable raise in the fuel prices had become a matter of concern among the different countries of the world. Petrol, diesel and other means of energy had remained a very important source of energy from past several years. But now water powered car has risen as a boon in front of the man kind and help them to fight against the energy crises. Now the question arises, by what way one can conserve million tons of fuel with Hydrogen-on-demand System and how to alter the system of your car according to the requirement of the water fuel.

In fact it is quite adventurous to run the car on water and it is not different from merging the world of fantasy to the world of reality. For the process of Water powered car gasoline also plays a very crucial role as they merge with the gas obtained from water and delivers terrific amount of mileage to the car. Due to increasing price of gas; water has raised as a cheap source of energy provider which is similar to the gas. Now, what transformations are required by the water powered car to run on water?

The process of getting water fuel is termed as Electrolysis of water which results in the conversion of water into two kinds of flammable gases called Hydrogen and Oxyhydrogen. The atoms of the molecular structure remains the same but only reshuffling takes place which results in the production of a gas called HHO which is very productive as a fuel and helps in running the car with the help of water fuel. The process of Electrolysis does not demand any external source for the supply of electricity; it can be covered from the car battery highlighting one more advantage of it. Subsequently, the car battery is utilized to electrolyze the water giving Hydrogen gas or rather Oxyhydrogen gas. After accomplishment of the process the major work is to transfer this fuel into the gas tank and add it to the gasoline which is already present in it Autel Maxisys MS908CV. The water fuel has its own advantages; it not only provides you a pollution free vehicle but also a good option against the gas fuel providing mileage equivalent to it but at a cheaper rate Autel MaxiSys Pro.

Hence, while driving the car battery continuously converts water fuel for providing additional energy. This will not only prevent high expenses of money for the purpose of fuel in the car but also provide you good mileage at a cheap rate so that you can use your surplus for other useful works.

So if you are really looking for turning your car into water powered car, then just learn the Water Powered Car Technology and you would get all what you deserve the most. Happy driving!
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VW Transporter – California Dreaming

California Dreaming (On a British Summer’s Day!)

As I sit here in my dingy subterranean office (well almost, there’s certainly no window to speak of!) I couldn’t prevent my mind from wandering. Initially my thoughts turned towards the weather which has been frankly awful for a number of summers now. I can remember a time when me and my little collection of pals would pack a few items (mainly beer and instant noodles!) and head off on a Friday after work for a spot of camping.

The summers seemed never ending with sunburn for everyone, due to lack of protection, which nearly led to another story but I won’t go there! Copious amounts of warm cider (West Country Lads) were consumed. This usually resulted in some pretty degenerate behaviour and got us thrown out of numerous campsites! A record I’m not proud of as you can imagine.

I recently tried to recapture these halcyon days with my wife but women just don’t seem to enjoy the same experiences. You know freezing to death at night, unbearably hot by 6am the next morning. Warm lager for breakfast, uneasy silence for the entire 3 hour journey home, that sort of thing! It started me thinking that there must be a more desirable outdoor experience that doesn’t start with attempting to erect a hideously complicated tent and ends in divorce proceedings autel. I suddenly had a moment of clarity and remembered the legend of the Volkswagen Camper!

Of course, I should have thought of it before especially as I only had to recall my teenage years when after enduring soggy tents and cold showers my parents finally decided to invest in a VW Camper Autel MaxiSys MS908. I remember it was a 1974 type 2 1.6L , a Devon conversion I think although no doubt some VW fanatic will correct me on this statement. What I do know is that my Stepdad bought it from a lorry driver and the next day several generations of my family embarked on a journey of discovery that ended about ten miles away when a few valves in the engine decided that they had had enough of life.

Luckily my Stepfather was quite mechanically minded and we were able to fit a reconditioned engine. Regrettably our problems did not end here and over a number of years a pattern emerged of family holidays starting out all smiles and I-spy games, only to end prematurely on the back of an AA recovery truck. I seem to recall we were on first name terms with some of the AA patrol men.

I remember one year in particular I was somehow deemed to be responsible enough to be left at home whilst my parents went away virtually dragging my long suffering sister with them along with some French student by the name of Gaston or Christophe. Yes! I thought a week of partay-ing for me. Imagine my horror when only a few hours later the all too familiar flashing orange lights of an AA truck appeared through the curtains with the smouldering remains of the camper on the back. It was quite serious this time as it had caught fire in the car park of the Swansea Leisure Centre. Luckily the plucky French lad had managed to extinguish the flames by using a shaken bottle of lemonade as an improvised fire extinguisher, (a handy tip to remember) thus preventing an inferno. The poor old camper looked rather forlorn though complete with blackened air intakes and a melted distributor amongst other things and another holiday had been cruelly cut short.

I’m happy to say though that the latest generation VW camper is about as far away from the aforementioned nightmares of yesteryear as you can get. The California is the latest incarnation and having recently checked one out they are the business. With car-like performance and luxury interiors you could happily spend the rest of your days languishing away in one of these.

Some say they don’t have the soul of the good old air-cooled VW’s. True there are a few die-hards who spend hours removing rust from their beloved vans you may encounter many in North Devon during the summer months holding all the traffic up!

However after recounting the above tales I know which one I’d go for. Don’t take my word for it though there are plenty of specialist VW Van centres who will point you in the right direction.

Jon Barlow talks about the latest California Camper although he normally drives a VW Polo
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Volkswagen’s Corporate Responsibility Program

What does it mean to give back to a community? We hear about corporate responsibility programs frequently in the media, through company websites and advertisements, and while watching the daily news. One company that has made a serious commitment to positive change is the Volkswagen Group of America. They are committed to helping local communities and making a difference in people’s lives. Here are some of the ways the company takes corporate responsibility seriously.

Creating New Jobs

Since 2008, the US economy has been on shaky ground. The auto industry in particular has taken a huge hit and many people working in manufacturing plants have experienced unemployment. The Volkswagen Group is committed to turning things around by creating new jobs in the US. The company has created close to 50,000 jobs in the United States since its inception. They have approximately 800 dealerships across the country, and that number is expected to grow significantly in the years ahead. In 2011 VW added a manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tennesee where VW Passats are built.

Education and Non-profit Support

In 2008, the Volkswagen Group of America introduced their Partners in Education program. To date, the company has invested close to $7 million towards improving education in local communities. Partners in Education provides support to teachers and students who are interested in manufacturing and science, and innovation in the auto industry. Program support spans across all grade levels, from the youngest students in kindergarten to post-graduate college students. It’s a cornerstone Volkswagen philanthropy initiative Autel Maxisys MS908CV.

Volkswagen Group of America is also closely involved with a number of non-profits dedicating to helping people in local communities. The company currently has established partnerships with seven non-profits, including the American Cancer Society, Best Buddies International, The Boys and Girls Club, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Detroit Institute for Children, The Rainbow Connection, and United Way of America. They also support local sports programs such as those sponsored by DC SCORES, the Infinity Wellness Foundation and the Chattanooga Football Club that engages at-risk youth in team sports and educational initiatives.

Innovating for Safety

One of the fundamental components of the Volkswagen Group of America’s corporate responsibility program is creating innovative products that keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. New Volkswagen cars and the latest model Audi vehicles have received numerous awards worldwide for their innovative safety features such as stability controls, enhanced braking systems, and optional features such as lane assist and smart braking. The company has a true commitment to keeping customers safe.

Commitment to the environment

Volkswagen’s commitment to safety doesn’t end with its customers. They are also committed to environmental safety and creating a more sustainable planet for future generations. Volkswagen is a leader in using green technology in their cars Autel MaxiSys MS906BT. The company has a wide range of green vehicles, from hybrids to cars powered by clean diesel technology. Going forward, Volkswagen has plans to move towards the production of vehicles that operate on hydrogen, biofuels, and electricity.

Commitment to Diversity

One of the key components of the Volkswagen Group of America’s corporate responsibility program is their commitment to diversity. Creating an inclusive, supportive workplace environment for employees of all races, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds is a priority for the company. They do this in a variety of ways, from working with their Diversity Council on key teambuilding initiatives to providing workplace diversity awareness training at each local Volkswagen Dealership.

Volkswagen Group of America is committed to improving the lives of their employees and citizens in their local community. This is evident in the company’s focus on creating jobs, providing support to schools and non-profits, developing innovative products to improve customer and environmental safety, and ensuring that their companies are inclusive and welcoming for employees. Volkswagen Group of America takes corporate responsibility seriously.

Jillynn Stevens, Ph.D., MSW has written articles, reports, book chapters and blogs for well over 20 years. She works for Be Locally SEO as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager. Jillynn highly recommends , your premier Volkswagen dealership serving residents and businesses of Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Nevada.
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Vintage Triumph Motorcyles Are A Real Piece Of Motorcycle History!

Where were you in 1967? Still in high school, Nam, or straddling a Triumph Motorcycle? Even before that point in time, Triumph Motorcycles was synonymous with distinguishing characteristic, power, looks with motorcycle production whose designs were second to none.

Today they haven’t lost that touch and if you desire they are still producing a rocket between your legs. The inspiration and manufacturing fascination that gave birth to the iconic Triumph Bonneville, the motorcycle to end all motorcycles of the wild 60′s has designed the eye-catching Rocket III and the instantly recognizable autel maxisys ms906, unmistakable Speed Triple.

From day one, the soul of Triumph’s beliefs has always been a solid pledge to designing and producing truly only one of its kind motorcycles that combine stunning, distinguishing looks, but also blow your socks off performance. Triumph motorcycles has always provided that special experience by engineering motorcycles that combine a immense riding experience blended by a well-balanced, straightforward perfect handling chassis mounted with a strong muscular, supple get behind me engines. With this winning combination, it results in an inspirational line of motorcycles combining intelligent design with unbelievable performance.

When occasionally my mind works, I can remember from the 60′s the status of Triumph as being a hold on to your britches bike. I can still see vividly in my eye’s mind, this scrawny dude with this mammoth Triumph having to scramble up on his seat and then jump down on the kick start because he didn’t have sufficient strength to transport the engine to life Autel Diaglink. I was amused at this funny site but when that Triumph fired up, the hilarity turned toward envy because he owned a Triumph and I did not.

The Triumph Bonneville was announced as the end of all end motorcycles when it was introduced. To own a Bonneville meant you were predestined to never owning another motorcycle again. The reputation was very well earned. A few years later out Triumph introduce the Norton and guess what, you needed it, and no you had to have it. So much for being predestined!

Triumph motorcycles are rich in history. They supported the war effort during the big WWI and WWII. Their bikes were made famous during the war times. Remember all the war movies that had a soldier riding a motorcycle? Chances are, it was probably a Triumph. Once the war was over, the former field soldiers in England and America wanted to own one of these impressive machines.

Today, the rebirth of Triumph has been completed. Without a doubt, it has remained true to it roots. The production of the exhilarating Triumph Cruiser such as the Rocket III gets the adrenaline pumping just taking the time to see one in person. As soon as you see it, that little voice is calling “I gotta have one of these”. The Triumph Bonneville has not been retired and still is strikingly cool. Once your eyes see the Triumph Speed Triple, there remains no doubt that Triumph is back. Just sitting still, this design marvel is telling you “I am a rocket, proceed with caution”. Aren’t you glad that some old things can change and still revolve into something better?

Jerry Johnson owns the Vintage Triumph Choppers a website that features vintage Triumph motorcycles with a huge inventory at Triumph motorcyels old and new and Triumph parts at bargain prices with possible financing available.
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Vehicle Transport – Questions That Help You Make The Right Decision

There are thousands of people every day that need to have their vehicle transported safely to a new location and they use vehicle transport to achieve this. Finding the right company to get the job done right is not difficult if you know the right questions to ask that will help you make the smart choice.

You don’t want to choose any company without first asking these questions because knowing the answers to them is the only way you will be able to make the smart choice. Here are the questions that will help you with your decision.

One: How long will it take to ship your vehicle?

This is important to know so you will know when you will be able to get your automobile back into your possession.

Two: What are their pickup options?

Many companies offer two choices, terminal to terminal or door to door. You can save a lot of hassle with the door to door, but it is also more expensive.

Three: Will they provide insurance for your vehicle while in their possession?

You need to know this because you never know when or if something will happen during transport and having insurance can save you money, time and hassle.

Four: Is there a way to check the progress of the shipment for your automobile?

Many companies will provide you with a way that you can keep track of your vehicle while it is being transported Autel MK808.

Five: What payment methods do they accept?

It is important to understand this from the beginning so you will be able to plan the way that you will use to pay for the auto transport company to move your automobile.

Six: Are the company’s drivers fully licensed and experienced?

It is always a good idea to know who will be driving the transport vehicle that will get your automobile to the new location. This way you can be sure that the driver is definitely licensed and that they know what they are doing.

Seven: Is there a free quote available?

This is important because it will let you compare more than one company before making your final choice. Plus it will help you find the company that offers the best price for the right transporting services needed.

Eight: Is there a deposit required in advance?

You have to know this so you can be prepared to pay for it up front.

These are just a few of the questions that you want to ask of any company before deciding to hire them for vehicle transport. Getting answers to all your questions up front will help you make the right decision so you get your vehicle moved safely and smoothly instead of having to deal with a lot of problems from making the wrong choice Autel Maxisys MS908CV.
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Vehicle Explorer Car Code OBD II Diagnostic Kit Review

This Enhanced Scan Tool automotive diagnostics kit created by Alex Peper is comprised of 2 parts; Car Code (software) component and Vehicle Explorer (tool) component. The diagnostic kit is available as a COM (DB9 serial) port kit or with an optional USB adapter. The Vehicle Explorer had to be manufactured as a COM port tool to accommodate the ability to retrieve all enhanced data from certain auto manufacturers’ vehicles such as the European and Asian manufacturers from 1996 to 2004.

This diagnostic kit currently works on operating systems as old as Windows v3.1 to current. It is easy to install both the software and the tool. The screen size is limited because of the programming language; however, it is very functional and easy to understand. The included software help file addresses most concerns that professionals will want to understand better. The logging function is great for playback to capture intermittent problems.

After the installation, go into your com ports under device manager to identify what com port is associated with your tool. Then open up the software interface, choose options, then gateway, then interface and set the com port numbers. This is the only time you should have to do this, but it makes it quicker for the diagnostic kit to interface with the vehicle on subsequent testing.

The diagnostic kit can perform all the normal tasks associated with scan tools and software. It can access all modes 1 to 9 for enhanced data and present that to the user, including diagnostic monitors and graphing up to 3 sensors (PIDs) either along the normal X axis or the Y axis. Vertical scrolling of the PIDs is required to view all the sensors since this is accessing the enhanced data from the vehicle.

Presently it can request trouble codes if available on networks for the crash data recorder (CDR), airbag (SRS), antilock brakes (ABS), HVAC, and other non-emission systems. This capability includes vehicles such as GM 1998 to 2004 models with the Class-2 VPW network. The 1996 to 2003 Ford PWM protocol and the 2000-2004 Dodge Chrysler using the VPW network are also covered.

A rather unique function of scan tool is the ability to view network messages between computers on VPW and PWM network vehicles Autel MaxiSys MS906TS. This function can help when the professional has a network that is so busy with communications messages that most resources are consumed causing driveability problems that do not really exist simply because the network can’t communicate properly. It has the ability to graph sensors (PIDs) like other professional quality automotive diagnostic software or kits.

There have not been any new developments in the kit or software in past year or so, but we understand there are some rather significant changes in the works that will make this an even more important diagnostic kit for the professional in the coming months. There is speculation of a cross platform kit that would present professionals and enthusiasts that use operating systems other than Microsoft the ability to have a quality product at a very reasonable cost.

Even with the limitations described above, this diagnostic kit is the enhanced data scan tool diagnostic kit that every professional and enthusiast should have available to use when they have one of those cars with problems that demand bi-directional controls Autel MK808.

A simple discussion of this software without understanding the background of the developer is really a disservice to both the developer and the customer. Reading of Mr. Peper’s bio on his site is extremely impressive as to the sheer number of projects and industry standards that have been brought forth by this person.

He has poured considerable knowledge and expertise into bringing forth an enhanced data automotive diagnostic kit at an incredibly low price. He has excelled at giving the professional a quality product that has functions available only in products like the Bosch that cost over $10,000.00 and has done this at a suggested retail price of only $250.

Mr. Peper has given the industry the ability to have an enhanced data diagnostics kit for about 10% of the cost of comparable kits like the Auto Enginuity. This kit is highly recommended to professionals and enthusiasts.

Copyright © 2011 JD Durham
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